What is the new 3D LCD Technology All About?

There are a new wave of LCD televisions being introduced that can display a new content format that simulates three dimensions.  The new technology refines concepts developed for the movies that we are all familiar with.

The display technology for 3D relies on the stereoscopic effect of our perception.  Humans perceive the world from slightly different perspectives because our eyes are approximately 3.5” apart.  This creates the perception of depth in the world around us.  If we cover one eye, the world “flattens” out.

Older technology, called anaglyph, requires glasses with one red lens and one blue lens. Two pictures are displayed on the screen at the same time, one blue tinted and one red tinted.  Because of the glasses, our right and left eye each sees a different picture creating the 3D effect.  Newer movie 3D technology relies on passive polarized glasses to create the same effect but produce a much higher resolution picture.

The newer 3D television technology uses LCD glasses to block the left and the right eyes alternatively in rapid succession, at 120 times per second, to reproduce the stereoscopic effect.  The glasses also synchronize with the television through IR or Bluetooth to compensate for viewing distance.  The result is a very believable simulation of three dimensions. 

Content will be increasingly available from providers and in Blu-ray DVD's.  You will need to purchase a new 3D TV.    

This article is a summarization of this Cnet page.