Octava comes out with a full HDMI over CAT5 switching box. 

Recently, while doing research on distribution methods for video and audio from central point, we were made aware of Octava’s HDMI matrix switch.  This is a very interesting product because it distributes both video and audio over CAT5.  Most home audio/video distribution implementations are based on an amplifier that distributes sound throughout the home via speaker wire that is all terminated at the amplifier.  For video, it converts the video portion of an HDMI signal to CAT5 for distribution to the TV.  The installer must pull speaker wire as well as a couple of CAT5/6 cables for video distribution and control.  For home owners that would rather use the speakers in the TV, Octava’s matrix switch is a great option.  From the installer’s perspective, the only wire that needs to be pulled is 2 CAT5/6 cables to each video viewing point.  A ballum is placed behind the TV that converts the CAT6 back to HDMI.  The second CAT5/6 cable is used to transmit IR from the remote at the video point back to the switcher for source changes and control over the video sources such as the cable box or DVD player. The downside is that the speakers that come with TV’s these days are barely fit for a doorbell but it is definitely something to look at for installers and home owners on a tight budget.