Using the Right Wireless Antenna Can Give You the Coverage You Need

Recently, IRM Home Theater was struggling to find a solution to getting decent wireless coverage though out a client’s colossal house.  Standard wireless routers/access points have a practical coverage bubble of about 50’ in diameter.  For many homes, that’s fine.  But what if you have an 8,000 square foot bungalow?  That range would take care of the kitchen but what about the other 20 rooms.

We had tried all the obvious options such as range extenders and using multiple access points with different wireless names and even some obscure ones such as the wireless matrix but nothing worked consistently that was also pain free for the client.

Then we discovered the Luxol wireless antenna. The Luxol bolts on to any standard wireless router/access point with removable antennas.  The model we chose covers a 10,000 square foot area but they have other models which cover even larger areas.  It is expensive at $500 but what you pay up front you save in installation fees and headaches in the future.

Let Gary or Ivan give you all the details today.