Project Consulting

IRM Home Theater’s experienced project managers and system designers can help you design your own entertainment system.  There are many business owners that are quite capable of the basic construction tasks that go into building an entertainment system.  We will come and give you the benefit of our years of experience designing and implementing entertainment systems.  We can then be as involved in the implementation and construction process as needed to bring about the entertainment system that you have dreamed of.  At IRM Home Theater, we are much more interested in facilitating your visions than just selling services. 

New Installations

For new installations, we will send a project designer to your home or business to talk with you and, through thoughtful listening, come up with a common scope for the project.  We bring a deep knowledge of available technology and products to the table and will offer suggestions to complement your vision and save money.  Based on clear communication, we will, through logical design diagrams, photographs and technical reference documents, give you an exact picture of what your installation will look like, how it will perform, how long the installation will take and how much it will cost.  After we have completed this process we can begin the installation.  Our goal during the installation is to minimize intrusion.  After installation, we verify that every portion of the installation is functional and meets or exceeds the expectations we created during the design process.  After we have verified that everything functions properly, we begin training.  It is our goal to leave you with a system that you feel confident using and are as self sufficient as possible.  After we have answered all your questions and taken care of concerns that you may have, we will accept the final portion of payment.  We will never ask for final payment until we both agree that the job is 100% complete.  After we are done, we will check back after you have time to use the system for some time to see if you have any questions or concerns.  As we state in our mission, it is our goal to create and maintain a relationship, not just sell you a product or a service.

System Optimization

We can come to your home or business and evaluate your existing system.  Based on our extensive experience with technology in the industry, we can recommend equipment or configurations that can enhance your system and maximize performance.