Entertainment System Expertise

Flat Screens

IRM Home Theater’s experienced project designers and technology specialists can detail in plain English the pros and cons of each flat screen technology.  Based on the specifics of your installation including location, expected viewing characteristics and budget, we can recommend a TV that you will be very happy with.

Home Theater Projectors

Projectors are a very cost effective way to create an impressive viewing experience.  Allowing  screen sizes of 100” or more, projectors are the best option for creating dedicated home theater rooms.  At IRM Home Theater we have years of experience with projector installations allowing us to recommend the best components for your budget to maximize your home theater installation.

Whole House Audio

We have experience with and represent multiple manufactures with proven records in the industry in all the areas that matter including, ease of use, reliability and support.  Our systems use the latest CAT5/6 ethernet distribution methods and allow implementation of all current source technology including iPods, Pandora and media servers.  We bring multiple control options to each installation including RF remote control, multiple touchpad options and even support for iPhone control.

Video Distribution

Our video distribution solutions are implemented with whole house audio and allow for a central location for all your video sources such as blu-ray players, cable boxes and media servers.   Most of our solutions distribute video to the multiple TV’s thoughout the house over CAT5/6 ethernet.  We represent several manufacturers in the industry.

Game Consoles

Our system designers not only know how to connect and optimize game consoles from the Nintendo Wii to Microsoft’s Xbox 360 we are gamers as well.  It’s a little known fact that the Xbox 360 and Sony’s Playstation 3 are actually very capable media servers, allowing you to stream video and audio to your home entertainment system. 

Home Networking

All home entertainment technology is moving toward home network integration.   Many new TV’s have network ports so that they can connect to the internet and download content from Netflix for example.  Game consoles are designed around internet integration.  It is expected that in the near future, all content, including movies and music will come from the internet.  Consequently, IRM Home Theater, gaining expertise from our sister company IRM Technology Consulting, is deeply knowledgeable in network design and implementation.  From the latest in wireless technology to PoE and CAT 5/6, we can bring the best technology to your installation to maximize the distribution of content to your system with a minimum of cost.


Leveraging the experience of our sister company IRM Technology Consulting, IRM Home Theater can recommend the proper internet connection to bring all this great content to your home entertainment system.  We will set up, configure and most importantly secure your internet connection so that content can come in but hackers stay out.